ERUS-EAUN Hands-on Training (HOT) Course in theoretical and technical skills for Si and da Vinci Xi – Course 1

EAUN Coordinators:
Jane Petersson and Harold Omana

Luc Bols, William Dumenil (Intuitive)

Date: Tuesday, 26 September
Time: 09:00-12:00 hrs.
Location: OLV Robotic Surgery Institute (ORSI), Melle, Belgium
Maximum number of participants: 24
Transportation will be arranged.

Aims and objectives:

The hands-on courses are targeting operating room nurses in robotic assisted urology surgery, providing them with knowledge of technical skills and a deeper understanding of the requirements in the robotic surgical team, including the role of a console surgeon, the RNFA and the role of an operating room nurse. The hands-on training will enable the participant to learn how to operate and get confident with the Si and da Vinci Xi system and its possibilities and limitations in an efficient and safe way without the stress normally existing in the operating room and with patient safety as the fulcrum.

The Hands-on Training Course at ORSI includes:

  • Theory regarding the impact of robotic surgery in a perspective of minimal invasive surgery, including the pros and cons and cost effectiveness of robotic surgery
  • Which different robotic instruments are there, and which ones are suitable for urology surgery
  • Handle the Endo GIA stapler and different cartridges, vessel staplers and sealers and different clip appliers

Hands-on training on the Si and da Vinci Xi systems includes:

  • Port placement: what to take into account
  • How to use of the different clutches adequately
  • Docking the robotic arms
  • Positioning the arms to prevent collision, and adjusting perioperatively
  • Optimising the range of the instruments by adjusting the ports
  • Insertion and changing of the instruments
  • Error handling
  • Emergency undocking


If you wish to register for this course please send an e-mail to: or register through the online registration system.

Registration fee including VAT

EAUN Members              € 40
Nurses (non-member)   € 60