ERUS-EAUN Hands-on Training (HOT) Course in Robotic skills and OR communication – Course 2 & 3

Ohad Finkel (3D Systems), Andreas Koch (MIMIC), Jean-Pierre Henry (STAN Institute)

This training course will be held twice, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon for max. 14 nurses per course:

Course 2:

Date: Tuesday 26 September
Time: 15:00-17:30
Room: Studio 1 (Concertgebouw Bruges)

Course 3:

Date: Wednesday 27 September
Time: 15:00-17:30
Room: Studio 1 (Concertgebouw Bruges)

The course is a combination of communication and simulator training with Mimic, 3D Systems and STAN Institute includes:

  • Console training (enabling a greater understanding of the role of the console surgeon and knowledge of the advantages of 3D vision and high definition in robotic surgery).
  • Team training and assisting laparoscopically, offering a possibility to test laparoscopic skills and examine the role of an RNFA in robotic surgery meanwhile collaborating with a person in the console, performing different tasks together.
  • Communication training in high risk settings such as the operating room. Increase the meaning of different perceptions in the operating room and what this means to the robotic team and patient safety.

If you want to register for this course please send an e-mail to: or register through the online registration system.

Registration fee including VAT

  • EAUN members                 €25
  • Nurses (non-member)      €36